A Word From the Chairman

    All parents of pupils in the primary, college and high school constitute the association of parents of Lycée Français Jacques Prevert d’Accra (PTA). It is an association required by the Ghanaian law. 

    -All the aggregate assets of the institution are owned by the association. It operates through a Management Board accompanied by the head teacher, and persons in charge of fiscal and material expenses in the institution.

    General meetings are held at least twice a year, in November and June. The meeting in November is to adopt the institutional budget, investment policy guidelines and to appoint new board members. The meeting in June is to close the calendar for the previous year. 

    - The Management board consists of 10 elected members mostly parents, a representative of the staff, the Principal of the school, Cooperation Adviser and Counsel.
    The Board of Directors shall elect a chairman, a vice-president, treasurer, deputy treasurer and a secretary.

    It is thanks to the work of these parents, volunteers, as well as the management of the institution that LFA has been able to complete its expansion and enjoy the use of modern equipment. 

    They are particularly strict with their management practice and regulate school fees increments.