The LFA( French school, Accra) is part of the French network of institutions managed by the AEFE (Agency for French Education Abroad) which comprises of more than 494 institutions and  340,000 students over the world.

    Our institution is completely aligned with the goals set by our agency which are: Excellence based on more than 90% passes in the diploma examinations, with numerous students pursuing further studies in good french and international universities. Furthermore, inculcating the French culture into the daily interactions with the more than 30 nationalities present in our institution.

    Language practice development is at the core of our school mission. As such the school boasts of a bilingual program (teaching half in French, the other half in English) and a bilingual education (Spanish, English). At the completion of the French national education provided by the LFA, one is sure sure to be awarded with a certificate. 

    The school, while providing education from kindergarten to the final level of high school, also prepares students for the French examinations and makes provisions for students to divert into other educational systems when need be. With a total population of about 590 students accompanied by 50 teachers, the school offers quality personalized assistance for the success of each student's personal project.

    The LFA serves as a link between France and Ghana. This partnership creates a network between the French embassy, other French schools in the sub regions and other schools in Accra. Partnerships co-exist with other schools in Accra. Furthermore, through our bilingual school program, Ghanaians have the opportunity to easily integrate into our institution with sponsorship packages when necessary.

    Respect, solidarity, and accepting diversity are some of our core values. The diverse nature of our public, cultural and sports activities provides each student with an exceptional enrichment and builds true citizens for the future. Through close collaborations with parents, the administrative board and the board of directors, the school is constantly improving upon its teaching and learning environment with plans of future expansion.

    Welcome to all our new students, parents and teachers. I know I can count on your continuous support as well as my abled staff to contribute positively to your stay in Ghana.